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Our Story:

We want you to have the birth of your dreams.  Therefore, your goals become our goals.  We believe that mothers have many choices in regards to childbirth and we dedicate ourselves fully to your desires.  We will support you on this journey by providing information that can help you make these decisions.  It would be our honor to be a part of your birth/postpartum team!

It all started from a deeply held belief that all pregnant people deserve to be supported no matter where or how they choose to give birth.  Cherie and Kim are two colleagues and friends sharing a passion for education, advocacy and improving birthing experiences for families. We work together as a team because we recognize the strength and believe in the power of community.  We are excited to help you achieve the birth of your dreams.  We can be just the support you need during those first few weeks at home.  We serve all of Memphis and the surrounding areas.  We can provide virtual support across the globe.


Not only have we attended hundreds of births and we are highly trained in all aspects of childbirth, but we are both DONA trained as birth doulas.  We are also trained in the Baby Friendly Initiative and Kimberly holds her CLC certification for breastfeeding support.  Cherie is also a certified BEST doula, certified placenta encapsulator, and certified childbirth educator.  Let our plethora of knowledge and experience guide you through your birth journey.

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